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Are you tired of mere lip service? Allow me to introduce myself as the communications connoisseur who is dignified with providing more than just lip service.


I have conceptualised, managed, and executed a host of productions including documentaries and other videos. The production projects I pursue are completed with quality and a sense of inclusivity – a bit for everyone.


Media teaching and training services are provided by me (Archibald Gordon) alongside a team of communications veterans such as Dionne-Jackson Miller and Giovanni Dennis.

Public Relations

As the Jack of all trades in Communications, I help clients to master their visibility in media. I facilitate bookings for media appearances, press releases, media planning as well as other media tips, tricks, and trades.

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    About Us

    Archibald Gordon boasts the titles of Journalist, Media Trainer, and Communications Consultant. He serves as the director of Marketing and Communications at the Caribbean Maritime University and has most recently assumed the role of host for one of Jamaica’s most watched television talk shows Profile.

    He is eloquent, poised, keen and talented. His remarkable work serves as a standard for communications on the spectrum from governmental to non-governmental engagements.

    His decades of experience in news and current affairs media, moderating, media training and serving as voice talent have afforded him the ability to provide outstanding media services to clients worldwide.

    Archibald Gordon Communications was conceptualised by Archibald Gordon to appease all the needs in the media through moderating, voice talent services, teaching and training, production, and public relations. The company has a focus on traditional and contemporary media, marketing, public relations, and strategic communications.

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